Autumn in Ballard

Ah yes, autumn is here. The air is crisp, leaves are changing and falling. The leaves rustle at my feet as I walk through Ballard (my neighborhood in Seattle). I love to take long walks on these fall days with my two dogs Martini and Latte. We admire the season and it reminds me of my childhood in New Jersey. We had beautiful autumns there. The trees everywhere there were shades of yellow, orange and red and sometimes at sun set it would look as though they glowed like of fire.

It makes me feel bad that we have lived in the dessert of Arizona for ten years. This is only the second autumn my dogs are experiencing. They sniff the leaves and my Labrador - Latte tries to eat the acorns that have fallen. I think she thinks they are a new treat that nature is giving her. My Beagle Martini likes to soak up the sunbeams through the trees and let her ears flap in the breeze. I think they are loving their life in the Northwest, and are enjoying the change of the seasons as much as I am.



I might have mentioned it last week but this is my most favorite season for food. The fall harvests are always exciting and have a big variety of flavor. The squashes are out, more and more root veggies are making their presence; and the hues of these beauties are like the leaves in the trees. Everything is warm and radiant from the deep greens, bright yellows and oranges; to the deepest of reds. I get a joy just at looking at it all.  As I strolled through the Farmers Market this morning my eye was drawn to a beautiful Acorn Squash that was calling at me to make into a soup. It would be perfect on a cool crisp day like it was today.  I was looking forward to cooking with it as much as I was looking forward to another long walk with my “girls” – Martini and Latte so they can take in the beautiful autumn day we were having.  Nothing is better than enjoying a beautiful day with the company of loved ones and a good meal. Even if my “girls” don’t hold a conversation with me, I know they appreciate it all. At least that is what I tell myself.