When in mood for a treat – Antipasto!

After my trip to the Farmers Market on Sunday and to PFI on Monday I made a bunch of treats for Brian to celebrate Halloween…Savory treats that is. I thought an antipasto platter of sorts was perfect for a satisfying meal. I have learned over time that Brian loves when he gets to pick and choose what and when to eat in a meal like this. This is what I came up with. Needless to say Brian was not only surprised by his treats, but really satisfied.  

To put it all together takes no time. The only thing that takes a while is the roasting, but that is not hard at all. The recipes for the Cippolin Onions, Carrots, and Garlicy Chick Peas are to follow. The Endive Leaves are simple with just a small wedge of cheese (any cheese that you like will do) and a sprinkle of Pomegranate Seeds.