Aunt Marie, put a chicken in the oven!

There is a running joke my sister and I have with our Aunt Marie. (My Aunt Marie is my father’s sister and very much a part of both my and my sister’s lives.) She says that when it is cold out she and my Uncle Monir like to put a chicken in the oven. I understand what she is saying. When you roast a chicken it warms the house, makes it smell great, and you end up with one of the most succulent things you can have for dinner while being so simple to make. But if you only knew my sister and how she can antagonize; you can imagine how she teases our aunt over this. But maybe you should also know that my aunt was never one to cook or “know” much about cooking until she married in her forties to a chef no less!  We would laugh and laugh when it got chilly out that it is time to put a chicken in the oven. Okay, maybe you had to be there or know my family, but it is funny. So now that it is quite cold out I wanted to make our place warm and smell good. So, I put a chicken in the oven! But I did my research on roasting chickens and learned that high heat and just salt equals out to something great. There is no need to butter the bird, brush it with olive oil, or fill the cavity with anything. Just rinse / wash your chicken, be sure there are no innards in it, pat it dry with paper towel (both inside and out), and you are just about ready to go. Simple right?! I know! I wonder what kind of joke my sister would come up with over this one. The end result was something I was so proud of (even though I do not eat it), and so happy to surprise Brian with for dinner. And yes, it made our place warm and cozy for the evening.  Although, I was so excited with the end result; I am upset I didn’t get a picture of it until after I carved into it. So a picture of the plate Brian was ready to devour will have to do, but I ask of you to imagine a beautifully golden and crispy bird looking glorious!

Happy Roasting! Or as my sister would ask – Is it time to put a chicken in the oven? (Pictured below is the Roasted Chicken, with mashed Red Potatoes and Meyer Lemon Garlic sauce. The recipe for the Meyer Lemon garlic sauce is to follow.)

Roasted Chicken

1 Whole Chicken (about 3 – 4 pounds)

Sea Salt

Twine for trussing (if you like to)


First, preheat your oven to 450 degrees.  And wash your chicken and pat dry with paper towels both inside and out. If using, use your kitchen twine to tie the legs together and tuck the wings in. (I will admit that there are times the wings stay tucked and other times when they will not co-operate.) Place chicken on a roasting dish or sheet pan and liberally salt both the inside and outside of the bird.

Next, place your chicken (uncovered) in your pre-heated oven for about an hour. You can rotate you chicken if you like; only if you wish but especially if you have an oven that may cook unevenly. By the time your hour is almost up you will notice that your skin will be golden, crispy, and beautiful. Do not fear if it takes a bit longer – times vary from oven to oven. You can check the doneness of the bird with a thermometer if needed, but once you see crispy skin and bubbly juices running from your chicken I am sure it is done.

Finally, remove the chicken form the oven and let it rest about 15 minutes before slicing and serving it. You want to give the chicken the time to rest so that it remains juicy. Enjoy!