Gougeres Sandwiches

The cheesy herbed Gougeres against the smoky crispy bacon make these light sandwiches extremely satisfying. The fresh arugula, roasted sweetness of the pepper along with the bite of the mustard finishes these sandwiches to perfection. They are the perfect flavor bites.

Gougeres Sandwiches                    

Crispy Bacon (two slices per sandwich)


Roasted Red Pepper, sliced into strips

Grainy Sweet Mustard

Gougeres (large ones work best)

These are easy to prepare. The most complicated thing is cooking the bacon, and I find that placing your bacon slices on a baking sheet and into a 375 – 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes is best. (You are just looking for them to be cooked through and  crispy.)

Slice, or tear your Gougeres in half. Spread a small amount of grainy mustard on bottom half. Top it with two slices of your bacon, a few strips of roasted peppers on top of it, and the arugula to top it all off. Place the top of your Gougeres on and you are ready to eat!

Note: I also made a vegetarian friendly version substituting the bacon with Tempe Bacon cooked until crispy.