Triple Cream Brie

I took a trip over to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and visited a tiny cheese shop called “The Calf and The Kid”. It is very cute, and has a large variety considering its size. The staff was extremely knowledgeable about their products and will walk you through all their treats. We sampled a few and might I say I was in awe. I purchased a piece of parmesan that has such a nutty yet sharp flavor…it is fantastic and tastes very much like the ones I sampled when I was traveling through Tuscany.  I also bought some triple cream brie. It is buttery, lightly salty, and so creamy it melts on your tongue.  I believe that triple cream brie is a gift from the cow gods. I was thinking of all the things I could do with it when I made a sandwich with it today that had some Dijon mustard, toasted almonds, cucumbers and a few other additions. Perfection! I think once you go triple cream brie you cannot go back.


Brie Sandwich

French Baguette, sliced

Almond Slivers, toasted

Dijon Mustard

Cucumber, sliced

Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Onion, thinly sliced

Triple Crème Brie, sliced


With a baguette sliced to a desired size and then sliced in half smear Dijon on one half and roasted red pepper spread on the other. Place the sliced triple crème brie on the bottom half, then cover it with a layer of the toasted almonds, and top it with the cucumber slices and a bit of the thinly sliced onion.  Top off with the other half of your baguette. Give it a try…you will not be disappointed.