Strawberry & Chocolate Scones

With the sun shining in the early morning the other day I woke up thinking I just had to bake scones! I do not know why. I believe it is the first time I am making them in quite some time. You see I made them all the time at my bakery and the coffee bar I worked for in Phoenix. I took such pride in creating them and poured my love into each batch I made. I think when I closed my bakery and moved away from there I was dealing with all the new changes of life that I could not bring myself to make them. But for some reason I woke up with this urge that I just had to mix up a batch of them. I walked to the market with the girls to pick up strawberries for the scones while Brian was still asleep. Brian woke up to me in the kitchen with Martini and Latte watching me mixing my dough. “Scones?” He asked with a surprise. We sat there in the sunshine from our window and ate the Strawberry & Chocolate Scones. Brian was so happy and we both agreed that it had been too long since I had made some. I think absence makes the heart grow even fonder for good food!


Strawberry & Chocolate Scones (Makes about 12 – 16)

Notes: In my opinion strawberries make the best scones. Other berries end up squishing and oozing all over the scones as they mix and bake sometimes resulting in a mushy mess. A strawberry is sturdy and holds up will in the dough and their sweet tartness is lovely in the morning (or tea time if you wish!).

4 ½ cups of flour

1 tsp of sea salt

1 tsp of baking soda

2 tbsp of baking powder

¼ cup of sugar, plus extra for sprinkling

8 oz of butter, cold and cut into small pieces

2 ¼ cups of heavy cream

1 egg

2 cups of sliced strawberries

4 oz semi-sweet chocolate bar, chopped up


First, pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with your blade attachment add in your flour, sea salt, baking soda, baking powder, ¼ cup of sugar, and your cold butter. Process it all together until your butter is in tiny uniform pieces. Remove mixture from your food processor and into a large mixing bowl.

Next, toss through your chopped chocolate into your flour and butter mixture. Pour in your cream and mix together until a ball of dough is formed. (I sometimes have to use my hands toned it a bit; otherwise it seems to want to stay crumbly…your hands will get dirty!)


Then; on a generously floured surface roll out your dough into a large rectangle, about a ½ inch thick. It is now that you will place your sliced strawberries across the dough. You want to stay clear you’re your strawberries coming up right on the edge of your dough.


Now, you need to form your scones. You will roll your dough towards you keeping all the strawberries tucked inside your dough. Gently you will want to go over your dough log with your rolling pin to gently flatten to about a 1 1/2 - two inches in thickness. With a knife, or a bench scraper you will want to cut rectangles along your log. You will want to cut about 6 – 8 rectangles, and then cut each of those on a diagonal to form two triangles.


Finally, take your triangles of dough and place them on a lined baking sheet with room between each. With the egg you have set aside you will want to whisk your egg and gently brush it over your scones and sprinkle them with a bit of sugar. (This will give them a lovely crust as they bake.) Place them in the oven and bake about 20 – 25 minutes. You are looking for your edges to be deeply golden and the center of them firm to the touch. Let cool about 10 minutes before serving.