Hacking into Spring

It has been a while since I last wrote. That was not by my own doing. You see my blog was hacked…not once but twice. As a result to the hacking my husband and I had to remove all of the info I had on here in order to restore my blog. Only to have us go through several attempts to get it all up and back running again. The weird thing of it all was that I felt so annoyed by the fact that my blog was hacked. When I was explaining the situation to my coworker she exclaimed that hacking was like internet graffiti. That was it; I felt she hit the nail on the head – Internet Graffiti! I thought the explanation was too perfect. So that is where I have been. I am sorry it has taken me this long. I have missed writing. I have been creating a number of new things in my kitchen. I have had some hits and some misses. I have been working on a soup that I feel tastes just like spring; I had tasted and tested a few baked items. I am sad to report that I have had some misses there. It is frustrating to think you have this terrific recipe that only turns out more or less blah in every which way. I had also been reminiscing of my home life growing up and matching my memory to recipes. That was the greatest part of my latest experimenting. (My next post will have a lot to do with that.)

All in all it has been a great spring so far in Seattle. Brian and I are enjoying the days as they grow longer. Martini and Latte have been enjoying the sunshine and the breeze. Pictured below is Golden Gardens. It is a beach and park I like taking them to when the weather cooperates. I hope spring has been just as lovely for all of you too! I am happy to be back!