Dijon and Onion Tempeh. It's not really old!

I am writing this post from my new computer! Yes, you read that right…brand spanking new! I have been wanting one for a long time now. Actually, I have been dropping hints about it for over a year now about how badly I wanted, needed, and yearned for a new computer. Nagging? Maybe, but it is here! I have one, and I cannot express how happy I am with it. The old one was just that, old. It took forever to find files, update itself, or think when trying to open a program. Using this new one last week I told my husband I wanted to weep. It was so fast and it didn’t freeze up on me. It was a completely smooth experience that did not leave me cursing, or threatening to throw it out my third floor window onto 3rd Avenue so a bus could run over it. (Unfortunately, there were many days like that with the old one.) My beautiful new computer! (It is love at first sight.)

Brian gave me this computer for my 40th birthday. Yes, I reached my fourth decade. Some people asked me: How does it feel to be forty? The only logical answer I could sum up: Exactly the same as 39 did! I hate questions like this and I am guessing there is no right answer because I feel you are never giving the person asking what they want to hear. I’m never sure what people expect you to answer a question like that with? Are you supposed to say: I feel old? Fabulous? Over the hill? Depressed? Young? Wise? What I do know is I am not feeling as old as my last computer. And as far as I know Brian and our dogs are not wishing me to be run over by a bus either — so, all is good I guess!?!

Prep in place for the Dijon and Onion Tempeh.

Besides the computer, the birthday, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season fast approaching we have not spent much time at home. We have been rushing here and there and just about everywhere. Just this past week we were barely at home together, let alone sit down to a nice homemade meal. But between the craziness I made it a point to make a nice meal for Brian and I the other night. I dug deep into my childhood memories (a very long way considering I am so old now!) and made a meal my mom often made for us growing up. It was simple, comforting, and just what our crazy schedules have been calling for.

Tempeh- dijon and fried onion coated, and baked to a nice cripiness!

It is a dijon and onion dish she always made with chicken cutlets. There is no recipe really, you just dip or smear the chicken in the dijon and then coat it with the crunchy fried onions you always see this time of year. You bake it and serve it up with whatever you wish. I made it just the way my mom would have, with one exception. I did not use chicken. The vegetarian in me opted for tempeh instead, and let me just say it was just as good as when my mom made it. We feasted on this dish with some potatoes and veggies. I surprised myself that I was able to pull together such a great and delicious meal with all of our nonstop craziness we have been dealing with. This old and classic dish of my mom’s was new again! Not too shabby, but then again it is a lot like how I feel, not old. Just eat a meal from your childhood and it will keep you young, even if you have to reinvent it.

Dijon and Onion Tempeh plated and ready to eat.

Dijon and Onion Tempeh

Tempeh - enough so that you have one to two pieces per person

Dijon Mustard, one small jar is more then enough for 4 - 6 people

1 container of Fried Onions (I personally like the Trader Joe’s brand)

Olive oil

First, place your dijon and fried onions in separate bowls or plates and set aside. Set your oven to 375 degrees, and line a baking dish with parchment.

Next, slice your tempeh into 1 inch thick slabs and set aside. Coat you parchment lined baking dish, lightly with olive oil.

Then, dip or spread the dijon over the tempeh until it is well coated. Then dip the tempeh into the fried onions. I like to place the tempeh down into the onions until they stick in a nice coating, Once coated place them, sparingly apart on your prepped baking dish.

Finally, drizzle the olive oil lightly over the coated tempeh and back about 20 - 25 minutes. You are looking for the tempeh to have browned edges and to be crispy. Remove from the oven and serve once slightly cooled.