Fresh Herb Omelette and Uncle Jimmy's Wisdom

I was watching a TV show the other day (something I do not do often). In the show there was a breakup of a couple. In the long run I guess the premiss of the show was about being brave and moving on. As the show closed I found that I was tearing (again something I do not do often). The episode was just so touching to me. I questioned myself: Is there anything more raw than the ending of a relationship where you admit you're sorry that it is over? The whole thing made me think of my late Uncle Jimmy (I have written about him before here) and I had a flashback to the summer of 1993 when I graduated high school. My parents had some family over for a little B.B.Q. on a warm Sunday afternoon. We were all in the back yard, with my Uncle Frank & Aunt Fran and my Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Marge. My Uncle Jimmy looked at me and asked where Rob was. Rob was a boy I had dated through the school year. I explained to him that I did not think it was going to last between us. We were both going away to different colleges, and I was not sure we cared for each other enough to make it work.

My Uncle Jimmy in the late 1990's.

He looked at me with a concerned look and told all about his love for my aunt over the years. He explained to me that he always cared for my Aunt Marge. He told me about how they were young and she was not interested in a relationship. He explained that time passed and he always came by to see how my Aunt was, some time later as luck should have it she gave him a chance and they have been together ever since. Never feel sad about love not working out, he told me. Time will let love work itself out. In the meantime you have to live and be happy. (At the time he was telling me this he and my aunt must have been together about over 50 years.)

Eggs, and assorted Fresh Herbs for my Omelette.

Like always, my Uncle Jimmy gave me so much wisdom. I always listened to him because in some ways it was so truthful and more honest than anything anyone else would have ever told me. If I did’t listen to him I might not be with my husband today. We met the summer my uncle and I had this conversation. My Uncle Jimmy was always full of good advice as far as I am concerned. I love thinking about things he said or expressed to me over the years.

Funny the things I remember, and can recall him telling me. Vividly I can remember him telling me about making omelettes. “I had a six egg omelette today. Keeps me strong!” I may not take him up on eating a six egg omelette, but when I make any omelette he is always on my mind. Personally I like to make my omelettes with a mixture of herbs to flavor it. I also like to be sure I get some golden brown hue on the eggs, I like the flavor it imparts on them. Most always I serve this with a fresh green salad and some oven roasted potatoes. If my Uncle Jimmy was still here I would gladly make one to share with him. I definitely think he would enjoy it. I am so thankful for the memories I have and his wisdom. I carry them in my heart.

Fresh Herb Omelette, ready to eat.

Fresh Herb Omelette (serves 2)

*Note: you can use any mix of fresh herbs you feel fit. I generally l use parsley and rosemary in addition to what I used along with this one, but this is what I had on hand today. Feel free to adapt the herbs as you feel fit, but always be sure they are fresh.

4 large eggs

1/4 cup finely chopped herbs; dill, thyme, and oregano

3 tbsp heavy cream

2 tbsp of olive oil

sea salt and fresh black pepper, to taste

First, place a 9 inch nonstick pan over medium to high heat and heat through.

Next, crack your eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk well until all the yolks and whites are broken and combined. Add in the cream and whisk again.

Then, add your olive oil to the pan, while swirling it around to coat it well. Add your herb mix to the eggs and stir it well. Season the eggs with sea salt and fresh black pepper before adding the mixture to your hot pan.

Finally, gently tilt your pan back and forth to be sure your mixture is evenly distributed. I like to use a rubber spatula to gently nudge the edges of your egg all the way around to be sure it is not sticking to the pan. Easily flip your omelette over once it all seams set so that will gently brown on the opposite side. After a minute, and you are sure your egg is cooked through; you can slide it out of the pan and serve.