My name is Danielle Librera and I am the Culinary Vagabond. I have had an impulse of food for quite some time that has sent me far and wide in the search of all edible things that are delectable. Olives, spices, cheese, pizza, ice-cream, cookies, cake, chocolate, and even coffee; I have trekked for it all! I grew up in New Jersey where I met my husband. We moved to Phoenix, AZ for his dream job and the start of new career for me. I graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Blue; and have worked in kitchens since 2003. I owned a bakery (The Sweet Pea – bakery and catering) in Phoenix; met a lot of great people, learned a lot, and gained some great stories from our experiences.

With life comes change and my husband and I moved from Phoenix to Seattle, WA with our two dogs Martini and Latte in 2010.  Lots of new foodie adventures in every turn we take in this city equals to a ton of fun. The farmer’s markets are bountiful and the different ethnic neighborhoods make my culinary imaginations come to life. So far I love it….I hope you share in the joy of my cooking, in my love of food, in the warmth of my experiences, and passion of it all.

Thank you for reading me!